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PGT- English

Teacher being a role model for students is not a new concept. In contemporary world  teachers are actually not role models, they are more of professional educators or trainers to model success, for schools nowadays are more of business houses.  Educators or trainers can’t be role models as they are only models i.e. inanimate  only for display, as what they orate  is  only superficial and not the reality. A teacher should  be more than looking the part and acting the part, which  means teacher and  teaching is all about being the part and St. Thomas School  in true sense is that vocation for me.

The time when I ask  my students  to have firm faith in God and start the day with the blessings of God I too need to practice the same and St. Thomas School gives me that opportunity and practice both. It’s only in St. Thomas School that I found  a teacher  seeks Almighty’s  blessings before stepping into the class and starts the day with the students by also being a part of the assembly conducted for the students.

As a teacher and as an Indian when I advocate my students for valuing, preserving and  making  rich Indian culture and traditions an integral part of their life again  St. Thomas School gives me a way not only to site an example in front of students but also to foster,  for a teacher here clads simplicity in form of saree  away from all western, business and fashion world’s trendy outfits which has no room in temple of learning.

The craftsmanship of  a child into a good human being in his or her second home can be achievedsignificantly throughconnecting and  developing a bonding under the custodianship of his or her  mentor .To carry out a congenial , homely and  a family  environment is so marvellously  designed  in St. Thomas School that  a  mentor care like a mother, friend and well-wisher  all throughout the day taking  utmost care of the children. Firstly in the  beginning of day in zero period by  talking to children ,seeing their happy faces ,listening  to their problems . During recess time eating  alongwiththem keeping an eye  on the activities and  ensuring safety of children and  again when it’s time to say goodbye to them to wish them happy and safe return. It’s through this connectivity between me and my  children round the clock that makes me feel I am amidst my children and my family safe in  my Father’s House working for a divine responsibility.

Christmas ,Onam and salaries on 1st of every month are part of my happy and cherishing moments in St.Thomas house with  St.Thomas  family .Thus ,St.Thomas School gives me that privilege and environment  where I can  work to the best of my capabilities in a cool , calm and peaceful environment and get eternal joy , happiness and satisfaction of the noble profession by being both a real teacher ,a follower  and not a mere Preacher.