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Ms. Saumya Bhatnagar

TGT (Maths)

“A Parent’s love is whole no matter how many times divided.”

Whether you are raising an energetic child or you’re dealing with a stubborn one, there are certain child behaviour problems that are common at one point or another. The way we respond to these behaviour problems play a major role in how likely our child is to repeat them in future.

  • Lying: The three main reasons kids lie are:
  • To get attention
  • To avoid getting in trouble
  • And to feel better about themselves

When you catch your child in a lie praise your child when they tell the truth specially when the truth could get them in trouble.


  • Too much screen time: Another common child behaviour problem is resisting screen time limits whether your child screams when you tell them to shut off the TV or play a game on your phone whenever you’re not looking, too much screen time is not healthy.


Establish clear rules for screen time. Take away electronics when your child breaks the rules.


  • Food related problems: Food related behaviours can lead to power struggles and body image issues, so it has to be handled carefully. Proactively work to help your children develop a healthy attitude about food.


Avoid saying things like “Vegetables are healthy”. Kids tend to think healthy food tastes bad. Instead talk about how delicious vegetables and other nutritious foods are. Serve one balanced meal that is health for everyone.


  • Aggression: Your child’s aggressive behaviour might mean throwing a math book when they’re frustrated with homework or it could lead to outright punching a sibling when they’re mad about some other situation. Some kids become aggressive because they don’t know how to handle their feelings in a socially appropriate way. Others are perfectionists who melt down every time things don’t go the way they planned.


Aggressive behaviour is normal for toddlers but is should decrease as a child grows. If aggression doesn’t get better over time seek professional help.