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  • There will be regular tests and Terminal Examinations.
  • The two terms will be as follows: I Term April – September, II Term October-March.
  • To pass in any subject a student must secure an average of 33% marks.
  • The students are expected to attend class on the opening and closing day, after each vacation and new academic session. No provision can be made for re-tests for a student who is absent for any of the assessments.
  • There is no arrangement for re-examination or promotion on trial for a student, who has failed in his/her promotion record. Students, who absent themselves in any test or examination, shall not be given any rank/grade.
  • Disciplinary action including expulsion will be taken against any pupil who is found to be using unfair means in the examination.
  • The systems of evaluation for the board classes (CBSE) shall be as per the Board guidelines. The students are expected to score at least 33% marks in all the tests/exams/practical/internal assessment etc.
  • Promotion of a student from one class to another is determined on the basis of his/her/ total performance during the entire session and due credit is given to the continual assessments and examinations.
  • It will be compulsory for students of Board Classes (X and XII) to attached the Pre Board Examination.
  • The assessment made by the teachers and checked by the Principal, is fair and shall be final. No representation with regard to promotion will be entertained. Promotion once refused will not be reconsidered, and no interactions for such cases will be entertained.

The Principal reserves the right to refuse admission to any student whose character, conduct & academic performance is not satisfactory.