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Role of Parents/ Guardians
Home and school environment are both equally important for the overall growth and development of a child. Accordingly, role of parents/guardians becomes a critical factor and hence we expect them to co-operate as per guidelines listed as under:

  • Parents should go through the school diary/calendar and take due note of important dates & events like PTM’s Test Schedules, Examination Schedules etc.
  • Parents should invariably attend the scheduled Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTMs) to get the firsthand knowledge of the progress of their wards. Parents are requested to visit school only in formal Indian/knowledge of the progress of their wards. Parents are requested to visit school only in formal Indian/Western outfits.
  • Parents should not send their wards to school if they are not well even on exam days (except for boards). Medical Certificate can be submitted.
  • Parents should not send their wards by any motorized vehicle like scooter, motor cycle, car etc.
  • Parents should not give money to their wards while sending them to school unless school demands for any specific purpose.
  • Parents should not visit their wards or teacher directly during school hours. (If they wish to see a teacher, prior permission should be obtained from the school Principal for the same.
  • Computerized Progress Reports will be issued to every student at the end of each term. Parents are expected to collect the same on the days of PTM.
  • Any change in address or telephone number may be notified to the school immediately.
  • If parents wish to withdraw their ward from the school, they must fill the transfer certificate application available in the school’s fee counter along with Rs. 200/- one month in advance.
  • Parents are expected to be cordial and polite with school staff even in most taxing situations.
  • Parents are requested to send packed and healthy lunch with their wards. Food packets or water bottles will not be accepted at the gate or reception.
  • For the smooth communication regarding important matters, we have started SMS facility in our school. Parents are requested to provide their updated Mobile numbers. This facility will not be available if you have activated DND.
  • Parents should not bring their wards late to school or come to take them during school hours unless requested by the school.
  • Students from classes V to XII will neither be allowed to distribute toffees to students or staff nor come in casual dress on Birthdays. They are welcomed to contribute towards “Share if you car”, a noble initiative by the students.
  • Parents must ensure that girls should report to school with properly cut nails with no nail paint/polish. They are not allowed to sue any kind of make up, too many hair clips, kaajal, mehandi, extra jewellery and such other material other than ear studs.
    Girls: Hair should be tied in two plaits, ribboned without fancy accessories.
    Boys: Hair should be trimmed regularly and combed. Trendy hair style is not permitted and must not wear earrings.
  • Parents should not allow their ward/s to bring mobile phones, pen drives, CD’s or any other electronic devices to school. If brought to school it will be confiscated. Parents should ensure that their wards come to school inspecifed uniform and with good hygiene. Uniform defaulters for more than 3 times will be asked to be taken back parents.
  • Parents should ensure that their ward/should not join any social media like facebook, telegram I.M.O., Whatsapp etc. prior to the age of 18 years.
  • It is important for a parent to have a Bank account to seek admission for their ward. In case of single Girl child, its mandatory to have a separate account for the Girl child in her name.
  • NO child will be permitted to wear kada, bangle, earrings (boys), chains etc. or any type of jewellary for any purpose.