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Mini Sports, Tree Plantation Day, Instrumental and Singing competition...
Prizes are awarded those students who get 70% of the grand total in class VIII...
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Information of the School as required by CBSE
St. Thomas School is run by St. Thomas Orthodox Syrian Church Society, Jaipur. The Orthodox Church is a part of a worldwide Christendom. The indigenous and ancient community of orthodox Christians owes its origin to the arrival of St. Thomas, one of the Disciples of Jesus Christ, in AD 52. St. Thomas is the Patron Saint of the school. St. Thomas School is a well-established school in Jaipur. The School traces its origin to the opening of its primary section in 2002 and received CBSE affiliation in 2011 and +2 Classes affiliation in 2013. It has now grown to a Senior Secondary School with over 950 students and 45 teaching and 38 other supporting staff.

It is a minority institution based on the minority rights guaranteed by the Indian Constitution. Christian Educational Institutions are part of the Church's effort to share in the country's educational undertaking. This effort, while recognizing a special responsibility towards the Christian Community, has been at the service of the whole nation irrespective of their caste and religion.

"Excellence in nurturing a child's potential to become a responsible Global Citizen"

We have a team of well qualified and trained staff as per CBSE norms who believe in the interactive method of teaching and inculcating right values which account for the development of holistic personality of the students. This team firmly believes that "Discipline is self-imposed" and believes in promoting self-respect, of the students through innovative methods of teaching.

Learning if fun. This is evident from the fact that the tiny tots enjoy these years of schooling and then it becomes a part of their reminiscence at a later stage. They sing, dance, enjoy and learn each day.

We have talented and competent teachers who pay individual attention to students, use innovative teaching, practice life skill education and good value system. We make them realize that a great foundation will make them lead as great individuals.