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Prizes are awarded those students who get 70% of the grand total in class VIII...
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The school has some of the best facilities for sports...
1. Library
The school is having a good library with a collection of the latest encyclopedia & books. Students of class I onwards are issued library books which have been judiciously graded and chosen for them.

2. Laboratories
The school is having well equipped laboratories for Chemistry, Biology and Physics. All the laboratories are updated and furnished as per norms. Students are benefitted with practical knowledge through these labs.

3. Computer Education
School imparts quality computer education to all the students from classes I to XII. Computer lab with updated new versions and adequate number of computers are available to help the student gain basic knowledge of computer system, skill, ideas and basic terminologies.

4. Games, Sports & P.T.
Through participation in sports and different games, students learn co-operation, team work leadership & time management. Apart from this it increases their physical & mental endurance by sharpening their mind & reflexes. These form an essential part of the school curriculum. We provide facilities to our students to play indoor games also like Carom, Chess etc.

We at St. Thomas School provide an opportunity to our students to pursue any sports of their interest from the following –Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Throw ball, Kho-Kho, Handball, Cricket, Kabaddi, Boxing & Wrestling etc.

5. Co-curricular activities
Co-curricular activities foster positive character traits in students. Pursuing any activity of choice encourages self-discipline, diligence & confidence. These traits also reflect in the student's intellectual pursuits & can lead to effective study as well as work habits. Music is about communication, creativity & co-operation. Learning music in school provides students with an opportunity to build on these skills to enrich their lives & experience the world from a new perspective. We at St. Thomas School provide training of Vocal Indian music, English music and musical instruments to our students. Trained teachers provide coaching for music & musical instruments.

6. Art & Craft
Pursuing any form of Art & Craft activity helps in improving focus, capability to sit & concentrate and honing their creative side. Our students are exposed to various forms of art & craft activities to choose from.

7. Conveyance
Parents are requested to use school transport as far as possible. If parents choose to use private vehicles, the safety of ward/s will be entirely the responsibility of the parents. The school authorities will not take any responsibility in case of any mishap. Transport facility can be availed only on existing routes. Students can avail conveyance facility on payment. Parents may contact the school office for more details.

8. School Band
In order to involve children in productive and joyful activities the school initialed 'School Band' with a variety of instruments. Selected students are given training by professional Ban Masters.

9. Medical Aid
The School has provision for giving first aid to students in case of minor injuries or simple ailments. Parents will be immediately informed depending upon the gravity of injuries or difficulty. No medication will be given unless the parents desire it in writing.

10. House System
The School intends to provide a wide spectrum of activities enticing and encouraging each student to participate according to his/her aptitude and skill. The students are divided into four Houses. These houses have various competitions to foster a spirit of willingness, self esteem & self confidence. Investiture ceremony is held to select the House Captains & Vice-Captains of the houses.

11. Prefectorial System
In each class & section a Prefect, Discipline In-charge, Monitor, and spoken English Incharge appointed to maintain the discipline of the class, school and to enhance leadership quality. Head Boy and Head Girl are also elected to form a bridge between the students and teachers.

12. Adventure Camps, Picnic and Excursion
To expose our students to outdoor life and society, we organize excursions, picnics and visits to the zoological parks, if factories and neighbouring cities. We also propose to take our students to various parts of India.

13. S.M.S./Scholar's app
To step in pace with computerized world and in order to have fast communication with parents regarding some important school issues and child centric matters, school has the messaging facility/SMS alert on the mobile phones. The messages will consist of information of the school activities, holidays, non attendance, special announcements and other relevant information. Parents must provide the updated phone numbers to avail the facility.

14. School Website
Website of the school, where the annual syllabus, home assignment, recent updates, photos etc. are uploaded to keep the parents informed about the school Activities. Url address of the school website is :- https://www.stthomasschooljaipur.com