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Mini Sports, Tree Plantation Day, Instrumental and Singing competition...
Prizes are awarded those students who get 70% of the grand total in class VIII...
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The school has some of the best facilities for sports...
The school caters to the educational needs of the students following NCERT syllabus and also incorporates some of the fine qualities of public schools by using appropriate and upto date teaching methods and techniques. The interaction between the teacher and the taught is foremost in our minds during the transfer of knowledge. We believe that the children should essentially be treated with love and affection during the process.

Computer aided learning and computer education is a part of the curriculum so that our students will keep pace with modern education and international needs. The syllabus will follow the guidelines of National Curriculum Frame Work. The intellectual, emotional and moral competence as well as human values imparted by us would enable each student develops into a balanced individual in a technologically advanced society.